Visual Art 20: PVSD Everyone


Hello my Asynchronous On-line Learners!

Below, you will find information about each of the assignments you need to complete in order to earn this credit. You got this!

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Skill Building

Project 1: Skill Building (The Black and White Pencil Grid Project)

Project 2: Skill Building (The color pencil grid project)

Project 3: The Oil or Chalk Pastel skill semi-grid building project

Project 4: The Louis Jover inspired Collage skill building project

Cultural Historical Outcomes

Project 5; The Watercolor skill building workbook and response project (Your first time 'running with it!)

Project 6:

Project 7:

Project 8:

Critical Responsive Outcomes

Project 9:

Project 10:

Project 11:

Project 12:

Creative Productive Outcomes

Project 13:

Project 14:

Project 15: Student Choice

Project 16: Student Choice

Semester End Activities

Final Digital Portfolio Review

Final Written Exam:

Clean - Up