My Teacher Portfolio

I am a proud Prairie Valley School Division Teacher!  Here is a little bit about what I do as a Saskatchewan Arts Educator:

This is the link to My Teacher Website for Classes that I currently teach (2022) in the Prairie Valley School Division.

Welcome to the link to my new 2022-23 Website!  

This year, my goal is to create websites for each of the classes that I teach, both online and in person!  I am very excited to be one of the lucky PVSD teachers who have been blessed with the opportunity to teach ASYCHRONOUSLY this school year.  

Asynchronous learning allows students to learn on their own schedule, within a certain timeframe. They can access and view lectures, readings, homework and other learning materials at any time during the semester. A big benefit to asynchronous classes is, of course, the flexibility.  

I know that online learning is a new experience for many, so I have built in a fun 'check-in' system to encourage student engagement in the lessons/units/projects.  For example, there are currently five fun art supply prizes available to those enrolled Visual Art 10-20-30 PVSD Everyone Students who watch my 'assignment explainer' videos and find the hidden prize words.  Once they hear the word, the first student to email me wins that prize!  Prizes get sent out via PVSD courier to the winner's school.  So far, prizes have included sketchbooks, Halloween gift bags, and...really cool stationary.    


AKA         Ms. Deck


PS.  Please note that this is in DRAFT format, predominantly.  I do not have any release time to complete this task and work on the site on my own time at home.

PVSD Everyone:  Visual Art 10-20-30 Asynchronous Classes (Flipped Instruction)